Comment mettre les accents???

For accents, put your computer in « international keyboard » mode:

1. Open your Control Panel (via Start menu or My Computer)

2. Double click Clock, Region and Language Options

3. Click Languages and Keyboards

4. Click Change Keyboards

5. Click Add

5. For “Input Language”, pick English, and for “keyboard layout”, pick United States – International)

6. Click OK in each dialog window.

Using the international keyboard:

The international keyboard maintains the QWERTY layout, with the following changes/additions:

  • Make sure you click on the mini keyboard that will appear on the lower left hand side of your screen. You need to change the keyboard to « United States-International » every time you change programs. 
    1. To type accent grave (à, è, etc.), type ` then the vowel.
    2. Accent aigu (é), type ‘ (single quote) then e.
    3. Cédille (ç), type ‘ then c.
    4. Circonflexe (ê), type ^ (shift + 6) then e (or another vowel).
    5. Tréma (ö), type  » (shift + ‘) then o.
      NOTE: To type any of these symbols by themselves (e.g., single or double quotes) rather than above a vowel, type the symbol then hit the space bar. For example, to type c’est, type c then ‘ then space then e s t
    6. To type French quotation marks «  » use ctrl + alt + [ and ], respectively.

The minor disadvantage of the international keyboard is that it takes a little while to get used to typing a space when you actually want to type ‘ or « .


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